This organic mixture has been specifically designed as a cover crop for undersowing spring-sown cereals as part of your cereal tillage crop rotations.

Used under our spring Cereal Blends or our Combicrops®, organic PREMIUM will improve the soil structure and capture any residual nitrogen and other plant nutrients, thus increasing soil fertility.

The carefully selected grasses used in organic PREMIUM will not grow through the cereal crop and so will not cause problems at harvest.

Organic PREMIUM increases the productivity of your farm by providing you with worm-free grazing from autumn (after the cereal is harvested) until the following spring (when you plough for the next cereal crop).

Organic PREMIUM will give you:

  • Improved sustainability of spring cereal cropping
  • 7 months of clean worm-free grazing (from September to March)
  • Winter cover for wildlife
  • Improved soil structure/texture
  • Reduced soil erosion over winter
  • Increased soil fertility

Available in 15 Kilo bags.

Sow at 4 to 5 kilos per acre

PREMIUM as a Winter Cover Crop (SW6)

PREMIUM can also be used as a winter cover crop, sown after winter-sown cereals have been harvested. On cultivated land vulnerable to nitrate leaching or on land draining directly into a watercourse, it will provide a dense cover that protects the soil from erosion and runoff. It is, therefore, suitable for Environmental Scheme SW6

For more information, please download our Grass Mixtures brochure